Dankman’s Atlantic City Travel Tips

Dankman’s Travel tips: Atlantic City


  1. New Jersey Medical Marijuana State Law does not include any other state’s cards or recommendations. They also have very strict packaging laws regarding the container and its labeling. Please take all precautions if you bring your own medication.
  2. If flying in from the west coast, South West or South… Fly into Philly! The tickets are usually $100’s cheaper and the train takes you to Atlantic City for $11 and if you are adventures you can stop in at the philly cheesesteak crossroads… Pat’ and Gino’s are the big names… The secret is the South Philly Bar and Grill… go in for a drink and the best of what a real philly should taste like.
  3. Keep your room key in the same place every time you leave the room. I use my back right pocket every time… When it’s 4am and you have had too much to drink, it makes it so much easier.
  4. White House Subs… If you want a real submarine sandwich… Go to White House you won’t regret it. We have all heard the stories about a classic NY or NJ sub… well this is the spot.
  5. If your gonna play the slot machines… play the one’s by the restrooms they pay off more.
  6. Sabrett hot dogs… Yeah, you know there is nothing like the dirty-water dogs under the blue and yellow umbrella. I like mine red n yellow(Ketchup and Mustard) with cheese, I also suggest trying it with relish and mustard.
  7. If it’s classic NY Pizza you are craving, hit up Tony Boloneys for a slice of Americana and the best slice in Atlantic City. Head up stairs if you are looking to find the smoking section.
  8. FREE Wifi is hard to find… you’d never guess where we found it… HOOTERS! Everyone love Hooters!
  9. Bungalow Beach Bar and Grill has a great outdoor Hookah bar with ocean views. Table service is great and a very friendly place to smoke… The Hookah.
  10. Pedi cabs… if you find yourself looking to take a pedicab ride along the boardwalk, find a 420 friendly one and ask that they put up the rain guard so you can enjoy a quick safety meeting…