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Would you like to see your store in CHAMPS Show Magazine? We here at the magazine want to give each store a chance to see their store in PRINT! We can all say, “I was on the Internet in a blog…” Can you say, “my store was in a magazine sent to thousands of stores in America, look... here it is on the wall framed”?

We will be doing this in six issues a year and stores are welcome to enter for each issue! Once you win you will not be eligible for that location again for 2 years.

Shop Shots Contest

420 Buyers Guide

CHAMPS Show Magazine’s 420 Buyer’s Guide is a new and exciting way to get your product highlighted in front of all the stores across the country, just in time for the 4/20 Buying season.


Building your brand is important in today's influencer market. Join us in creating live exciting content socially co-branded to the users YOU want to see YOUR message.

Bringing the CHAMPS Trade Show experience to the store's mailboxes and smartphones.

CHAMPS Show Magazine is dedicated to bringing all the CHAMPS Trade Show Vendors and all the great information from each and every show to over 12,000 Stores across the country.

Each issue will be packed with tons of fresh content from each CHAMPS show. Glass Games updates, Vendor Profiles, Event Winners.




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CHAMPS Orlando “It’s alive!”- Frankenstein By Bernie Boulders CHAMPS Trade Show, last February, saw the largest CHAMPS show ever, 2020 was about to be the year of the smoke shop… We all went home riding high and feeling successful. It was then that the world around us collapsed. Like the rest of the world, we were struck with a pandemic. Stores shuttered doors, and vendors couldn't get products from their usual supply lines, and everyone was looking at bidets because there was no toilet paper. [ 540 more words ]
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Champs Show MagazineFriday, September 18th, 2020 at 9:59pm
Something to look forward to at the Gaylord Palms! CHAMPS Will have it's first in-person show October 23-25th. Spend the weekend in Florida! CHAMPS Trade Shows
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Champs Show MagazineFriday, September 4th, 2020 at 7:35pm
Love there work and great staff!
Champs Show Magazine
Zong Glass
live from the ZONGGLASS warehouse! Answering questions and giving updates!
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Champs Show MagazineWednesday, September 2nd, 2020 at 5:26pm
CHAMPS Virtual 2.0 Reloading the Matrix Tips and Tricks By Kevin Dankman If you are reading this, you chose the red pill; you are aware of the world around you and willing to risk it all to enter the Matrix and move your life forward in a business you love. It should be some two weeks before the next CHAMPS Trade Show Virtual event. [ 767 more words ]