Shop Shots Winner Ashes Smoke Shop

Company Name
Ashes Smoke Shop Denton
420 S. Carroll Blvd. #105

Being a regular part of CHAMPS Trade shows, I have seen JC and Alissa around on many occasions, sometimes even referring to themselves as, “ The drunk Texans!” They recently won $1000 cash at our Las Vegas Show in the Winter of 2020, you know… the pre covid days.
Since I had them on the phone, I had to ask how they spent the extra $1000?.
They both answered GLASS! Almost simultaneously. They reinvested their winnings in their staff and let them buy $1000 more worth of glass they thought would sell. From a business standpoint, this is brilliant. It gives their team a chance to buy into the inventory and be proud of what they sell. Here is a little something they wrote about Ashes:
“Ashes Smoke Shop was established in the spring of 2014 in Denton, Texas. It began and continues to be a local hot spot for premier smoking gear, local art, local music, and several community events throughout the year- preeminently our annual Ashes 420 Festival. Our festival sponsors include a countless number of CHAMPS vendors who often attend the event. While the events are important, our primary daily focus is to offer world-class smoking accessories and ensure that each customer receives personal, friendly, and memorable service!”
We would like to wish them a Happy and Healthy 420 Festival this year from the CHAMPS Magazine Family.