Reliving CHAMPS Virtual 1.0 Show

Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you were somewhere else? I don’t mean the feeling you got that time you woke up after drinking too much at the HardRock circle bar next to some porn star from the AVN awards and not being sure where you are cause the last moment you can remember was in the convention center the day before. More, that feeling in a dream when it feels familiar, but nothing looks familiar?

That was the Virtual Show, and it felt like I was at a show seeing people walk by and step into a booth to learn more. Every time I visited a booth, a customer showed up! Business was good for everyone I talked to during the show. There were four full Halls of vendors. Ganja Garden. There was also the Reefer Road, Joint Junction, and Hotbox Hall. The CHAMPS Show Magazine booth was in the Ganja Garden.

Each hall is filled with great vendors, some you usually see at every show, and a fair amount of new vendors jumping in for the first time.

We will start in the Ganja Garden, Sponsored by Heavenly Candies and Zion Herbals.

This hall was full of great vendors, including the sponsors some of our best and brightest were in this hall. 

Bumble CBD, Dynavape, Eyce, Evolution Wholesale, Fashioncraft G Pen – Studenglass, Got Vape, GrabbaLeaf, Greenlane, Kasher, Masterminded Distribution, Platinum X CBD, Pure Hemp Rolling Papers, Sean Dietrich Art.

Reefer Road 

Hall Sponsor AFG 

Booths: Alternative Health, Chronic Candy, CleanAF CBD, Genius Pipe, Hemp Bud Wholesale, Hush Kratom, Koi CBD, Mood Mats, Ohio Valley Glass, Natures Element CBD Pulsar, Slyng, Vegan Wick, Vulcan

Joint Junction 

Hall Sponsors, BlackBall Corp, Choice Botanicals, Kraken Kratom

Booths: B2B Wholesaler Magazine, Bad Ash Wholesale, Cherry Glass, Delta 8 Direct, Formline, Happy Kit, Helix Glass, Humboldt Vape Tech, Novelty Ink, Polar Blast, Powerhitter, Purr Glass, Rock Plus, Terp Nation, Windship Trading, Valiant Distribution

Hotbox Hall

Hall Sponsors, Exclusive Distributors, NJoy Kratom

Booths: Addall XR, All American Payments, Boundless Technology, Dama Distributing, Empire Glassworks, Futurola, Glass Distractions, Glasslab 303, Gourmet Innovations, Homeblown Glass, Medicali, Nectar Collector, Physician Remedy, Puffco, V Syndicate, Vaportech.

CHAMPS Staff called around after the show and got a few quotes from buyers, and we did some interviews live in the show with vendors. These will give you an idea of what actually happened.

1st here is what the Buyers had to say:

At Smokey Shays in North Carolina, Shana sent in this quote, “The implementation of a digital trade show was a remarkably innovative idea from the creators of Champs! With minimal glitches on the first time around, the show was easy to set up and navigate! It was a fun experience to talk to my reps as an avatar, and you can hear like you are standing next to them in real life! I ran the show floor pretty quickly to find my reps at current distributors to say hello and found a few new distributors that I bought from as well. I’m confident in the next digital Champs more distributors will attend with better show deals. I’m excited to see the future of digital trade shows. It definitely made it easier for me to attend without having to book a flight and room!”

Mak from Hazel Sky Smoke & Vape in Texas had this to say,

“Overall, the Champs Virtual experience was mind-blowing, being able to walk a showroom floor while in the comfort of our office was very cool!”

“The Virtual Tradeshow was exciting and new. It was super convenient to be able to sit down in my office at home during lunch and just log in to the show. We were able to restock on items we needed, visit and chat with our Champs family, and save a ton of money on travel and lodging.” – Chris Childers Owner – The Glass Mule Indiana

When it came to vendors, they definitely had something to say.

“For the first virtual experience in our world, it was great. We got to meet new people and see a bunch of our existing customers”, Chronic Candy Tony.

Kenisha Medicali Glass

This virtual show is definitely an interesting start to a different process of the wholesale business… My favorite part is the qualified buyers that were able to join… I noticed every buyer I talked to was highly qualified…they were ready to buy.

Puffco Tyler

We saw a steady stream at all times of people checking in to see the product…nice to be able to hop to my email and get their order in.

Sean Dietrich Art

Its been really cool when they announced they were doing a virtual show like this I was really interested in the second life type format… I liked that I could have my actual artwork all over the booth… 

That is not to say that nothing went wrong, there were a few issues with access to the virtual world, most of which were the last-minute sign-ups that did not take the time to access the tools and pre-registration demos. I can’t express more how important it is to attend these pr-show events. Once the attendees got the hang of using the voice and all the shortcuts, they had an easy time navigating and purchasing from the vendors. 

The overwhelming consensus was that the first of its kind show was a success all around.

Now Get your earphones or earbuds and log into a demo session. To do this, just head over to and start your matrix adventure! The Next show begins in a couple of weeks Sept 15-17th located wherever you want to get online from with good internet reception!