CHAMPS Show Virtual 2.0 Tips for the future.

CHAMPS Virtual 2.0 Reloading the Matrix Tips and Tricks

By Kevin Dankman

If you are reading this, you chose the red pill; you are aware of the world around you and willing to risk it all to enter the Matrix and move your life forward in a business you love. It should be some two weeks before the next CHAMPS Trade Show Virtual event. September 15-17th, we will all once again don our virtual presence and enter the matrix. After a full three days of adventuring, I have learned a few things. I will pass these essential tips and tricks to you. Initially, we suggest you upgrade your computer to the most recent version of your operating system, preventing many issues from even having a chance of happening.

The number 1 thing that made the most difference was going to the demo and learning all the shortcuts from the CHAMPS Staff. Randy, Olivia, Susan, and the rest of the crew did a great job of rounding people up in registration and getting them started. David was also like a sound GURU. He was able to fix most of the sound issues for people. We also had many company staff members monitoring for people having problems. Many of the problems could have quickly been taken care of by spending 5-10 mins a couple of weeks in advance, to demo with the training staff. That way, you could walk in and go straight to buying. 

One of the most critical parts of the experience is clear and concise communication. So essential that the first screen that you see when loading the app… is this:

Another hint when someone is talking, their name turns white above their head.

Talk Button… You can use this in two different settings. First, it comes automatically set like a CB where you press the TALK Icon and speak and let got to let others talk. You can also go into your settings using the gear icon in the top right corner and make it, so the talk automatically starts when you start talking.

There is also the CHAT options, located in the far left bottom of the screen. This icon allows you to text chat with everyone in the scene you are in or private person to person chats with individuals in that scene. These are two significant options of communication.


Next on my list would be getting familiar with walking around the virtual scenes. I think it is way better to walk from booth to booth like a real show; it lets the vendors and other buyers see who is around them. Just point at a spot in the scene click, and you run to the place, as easy as that. Now understanding that not everyone has the time or patience here is a shortcut you should know:

This symbol appears in the top right corner of the screen when you are in a scene. This link is the Star Trek transporter room symbol, and This button opens a screen with all the drop points in the room. You can jump straight to a vendor and back to the portals that lead to each scene. If you are in a rush and trying to move fast, this is the answer. 

Now, what if you are looking for someone instead of someplace?


There are two options for finding people. The User Search Icon, located in the top right corner, can find anyone at the show in whatever hall they are in, you can then ask to join them or ask for them to join you. (Label pic user Search Icon)

The second option, located in the bottom left corner, is the User List Icon. This one can find who’s active in the scene you are in, press it, and see who is there. You can also view part of each person’s Professional Profile here.

Now that I have mentioned the Professional Profile, it opens up the most crucial networking feature, sending your info and a way of contacting you outside of the matrix. Whether you’re a vendor or buyer, filling this form out accurately is the key to success. It is the same as having a physical business card in your pocket. You fill this out initially during registration during CHAMPS Virtual 2.0.

You do not need to be a technical guru or an internet savant for this to work. If you have a newer and updated computer or smartphone, you can make this work quickly. Some buyers were even able to work their store while they shop! 

The most significant advantage of the virtual show for both the Buyer and Vendor is the cost. There is no traveling, no hotel costs, no per-diem for employees, and all these savings leave more money for you to purchase excellent new goods for your shop and better bottom lines on your profit and loss sheets!  Now I suggest you log onto