Pictures coming soon! Check out the glass games winners list!


Catagory 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Stack It Up Grimm – Karl Taylor DaPo- Daniel Porte
Ray Gun Noah the Glassblower – Noah Nunez Shaggy – Jon Boley Eric Runes
Balance Dan Hoffman Gnarly Harley- Harley Morales Flash – Austin Flasch
Photo Realism Chase Hardman Steve H Smitty – Anthony Smith
Puff Puff Pass Mamas Glass – Aly Bryer DaPo – Daniel Porte Windstar – Shayla Behrman
Adopt Me Erkels Glass – Eric D’Adamo Dellaluna – Courtney Thompson Mamas Glass- Aly Bryer
Good vs Evil Shuhbuh – Chris Drury Windstar – Shayla Behrman Zam – Sam Sonnenfeld
All Day Team Grimm – Karl Taylor Rob Morrison HicDogg – James Lynch
All Day Team Greg Wilson Hex – Joseph Gomez Steve H

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