CHAMPS Trade Show Announces the sweet 16 in Orlando!

Yes, that is right you heard it here first!

Here is the list of 16 competitors headed to Orlando Florida!

  1. Beccy, @BFFGlass        
  2. Greg, @SlaneGlass
  3. Josh, @McMilleman
  4. Eric, @BonelordGlass
  5. Pedro, @GrimeGlass
  6. Kevin, @KevoGlass
  7. Ray, @SeaShakes
  8. Dustin, @ModifiedCreationsGlass
  9. Travis, @Anodyneglass
  10. Chris, @xXGoblinKingXx
  11. Matthew, @2dogstarglass
  12. Patrick, @boss_glass
  13. Topher, @originaltopher
  14. Dustin, @dmassglass
  15. Jerry, @sugarshackglass
  16. Kyle, @sologlass

Each glassblower will be bringing a Halloween Themed heady that 16 lucky stores will vote on and have a chance to take home! I can not wait to see the things these guys dream up!